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The Suunto diving PC-software, Suunto Dive Manager and Suunto Dive Log, are superior tools for recording, organizing and retrieving dive information. You can copy the contents of the dive computer’s profile memory into the logbook through the PC-Interface. The large memory capacity of the Suunto dive computers allow you to transfer the data directly from your dive computer to the PC. You can enter dive locations, buddy name, equipment and other comments just as you would do with a conventional paper log.

In addition the computerized logbook allows you to edit, sort and analyze all this information and print it along with a graph of each dive. The simulator helps you to gain greater understanding of decompression theory and computer-assisted multilevel diving. Suunto diving PC-software is also an excellent tool for teaching purposes.

The latest software is always available on our web site. You can easily update your own software version free of charge whenever it is most suitable for you. Our software include three language options: English, French and German.


If you are using Windows® 95, Windows® 98 or Windows® NT version 3.51 or 4, you are best off with our Suunto Dive Manager. It is the latest Suunto dive logbook and dive computer simulation software. Suunto Dive Manager is compatible with Vyper, Spyder and the complete Eon and Solution lines. Suunto Dive Manager allows current users of Suunto Dive Log and Suunto ACW Dive Log to import their existing logbooks. To be able to download the data from your dive computer you need the Suunto Dive Manager software and a PC-interface unit.

If you are currently using a computer running a version earlier than Windows® 95 or DOS 6.0, then your choice is Suunto Dive Log. To be able to download the data from your dive computer you need the Suunto Dive Log software and a PC-interface unit.