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Dry5.jpg (4536 bytes)DUI Dry5 Wrist Seal Glove System
The Dry5 glove systems are built around a dip-molded shell with an integrated thermal liner. The shell provides abrasion resistance, and its matte finish provides good grip and dexterity. The Dry5 Wrist Seal is equipped with a latex wrist seal. This allows the glove to be used in a variety of applications: diving with wetsuits or drysuits, sail boarding, paddling, etc....
Features: Latex wrist seals, integrated thermal liner
Sizes: S/M, L, XL

SI-5_cutaway.jpg (32911 bytes)DUI SI-5 Dry Glove System
If you dive in cold water on a regular basis, you know how cold your hands can get. At low temperatures, it can be difficult to operate camera controls or even clip a snap hook for a lift bag on a line. When your hands are cold and numb, your safety is compromised underwater.
SI-5.jpg (15057 bytes)To beat the cold, try DUI's new glove system, the SI-5. If you want warm, comfortable hands it's the way to go.
Eliminates wrist seals.
Allows unrestricted blood flow to the hands.
Gloves can be replaced with standard wrist seals (wrist seals additional cost).
Allows quick in-field change of gloves or wrist seals.
Allows variable insulation under the dry glove.
Allows air to go directly into the glove from the suit.
Easily donned and removed.
Includes wrist strap so glove doesn't shift around on the hand.
All parts replaceable separately

glove_liner.jpg (10786 bytes)Includes:

  • Rings installed on CF200 Series drysuit
  • 1 pair Dry5 gloves with straps
    Sizes: M, L, XL
  • 2 pair glove liners

SI-5 Replacement Gloves
Size: M, L, XL
SI-5 Replacement Glove Liners
Size: M, L, XL

The first thing most new drysuit divers notice about diving dry is the incredible warmth they feel when diving as compared to diving in a wetsuit. The second thing most new drysuit divers notice is "my hands are cold!". This is due to the high surface area to volume ratio of your hands and the fact that adaptive vasoconstriction 803.gif (10355 bytes)in less important organs sacrifice warming blood flow to the limbs to maintain core body temperature. Loss of manual dexterity due to cold hands can be very dangerous as well as uncomfortable.   Maintaining warmth and dexterity in your hands is vital in allowing you to operate your SCUBA gear and ensure that your dive will be both safe and enjoyable.

Diving Concepts paves the way with more cutting edge 804.gif (9365 bytes)scuba technology by offering an array of dry
glove systems, replaceable latex wrist ring systems and our newest dry glove ring system that turns every diver's head.
The wrist seal dry glove system can be used on any type of drysuit or wetsuit.  The dry glove has a latex wrist seal that ensures good sealing onto your hand and the seal can be trimmed to fit.  Also, this glove has a build-in-fleece liner that will keep you warm.  These gloves are available in sizes 8, 9 and 10 which corresponds to the diameter around the outstretched palm of your hand (e.g. 8", 9" and 10"). 

901.gif (15955 bytes)Diving Concepts LATEX WRIST RING SYSTEM
The latex wrist ring system can be combined with our new dry glove system to allow you to have the versatility between diving with and without a dry glove combination as well as allowing you to replace a damaged latex wrist seal within minutes.  This arrangement allows you
902.gif (10446 bytes)the versatility of wearing latex wrist seals or dry gloves and then removing either of these quickly on the surface.  The latex wrist ring system and components are shown to the left.

903.gif (15170 bytes)Diving Concepts Dry Glove With Wrist Ring System
Our newest design is the dry glove system shown in Figures 6-9 which allows divers to connect and disconnect the dry glove from the drysuit very easily.   904.gif (13746 bytes)Our latex wrist ring system and the dry glove system are equipped with a wrist seal protector which protects the seal or dry glove and can be easily peeled away to allow your connect or disconnect your seals or dry glove to the suit ring.  This dry glove system is a must for any drysuit diver.

905.gif (15989 bytes)