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Ron's Favorites


Original Force Fins
Our most versatile and still our best-selling fin, this is the one that started the fin design revolution. Proven in recent U.S. Navy sponsored research to be among the most efficient (ask for a copy of their report). Our softest and easiest-kicking Force Fin". Ideal for fin users who relish a feeling of freedom under or on top of the water. Features: patented toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and upcurved V-shaped blade that channels water for maximum directional control and thrust. (Now also available with a one-size-fits-most Adjustable Foot Pocket with integrated Comfort Instep, Bungie Heel Strap and Vortex Generators.)

Pro Force Fins

Stiffer and with more snap than the Original model but with the same weight and dimensions, the Pro Model Force Fin" is designed to handle the extra leverage needed by a scuba diver or float tuber with a stronger kick or a heavier load. Ranked among the most efficient in U.S. Navy sponsored research on fins.
Features: patented toes-free foot pocket to reduce cramping and upcurved V-shaped blade to channel water for maximum control and thrust.