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[DSI EXO26] [OceanReef Neptune II] [Scubapro FFM]
[Technisub TEC-1]

AGA.gif (11322 bytes)AGA MASK
Gold Non-positive pressure:
•Gold silicone skirt with five adjustment buckles
•Demand-type regulator is U.S. Navy approved; non-positive pressure
•Air flow across lens virtually eliminates fogging
•Low-pressure hose must be ordered separately

Grey Silicone or Grey Rubber:
•Gray natural rubber skirt
•Regulator provides a positive pressure flow of air - standard for most military, commercial and search & rescue diving
•Mask available separately or in a gray silicone version
•Low-pressure hose must be ordered separately

Allows for easy routing of the main supply hose.


[Interspiro AGA] [OceanReef Neptune II] [Scubapro FFM] [Technisub TEC-1]

The EXO Full Face Mask was designed for both surface supplied and scuba diving. By enclosing the divers eyes, nose and mouth, the EXO permits nearly normal speech when used in conjunction with most wireless, and all hardwire underwater communication systems. Its light weight design allows divers to work long dives with no jaw or neck fatigue. The EXO-26 Original Model has automatic defogging of the wide, tempered glass face port. All models have a modular communications design that pen-nits rapid and simple maintenance. An optional Head Protector gives added protection in dangerous diving environments. The ear equalization device is a nose block which is adjustable to several different heights, fitting a wide variety of noses and faces. The oral nasal in the Standard and Balanced models helps keep the CO 2 levels to a minimum and improves breathing and communications.

There are three models of EXO Full Face Mask:
•The ORIGINAL EXO-26 (pictured above) is our original design with automatic defogging, no oral nasal or nose block (optional 'kit available)
•The STANDARD EXO-26 design now incorporates an oral nasal mask and the new nose block /equalizer. These design upgrades provide the diver with clearer communications and easier equalization. There is also a retro fit kit (325-090) for converting original style EXOs to the new oral nasal design.
The CE approved BALANCED REGULATOR EXO-BR was developed to meet strict new European CE requirements. It meets and surpasses EN 250 requirements for regulator performance. The EXO-BR frame is the same DSI yellow as the standard SuperLite Helmets and KMB 18 Bandmasks.
The EXO-BR Balanced Regulator helps reduce the work of breathing for the diver. The regulator balances the intermediate air pressure against the valve sealing pressure inside the regulator. This enables the regulator to instantly adjust to changes in line pressure. The Balanced Regulator provides improved breathing and is adjustable for a wide range of intermediate pressures between 100 PSI - 230 PSI.

[Interspiro AGA] [DSI EXO26] [Scubapro FFM] [Technisub TEC-1]

wpe1.jpg (3038 bytes)IST PEGASUS
Available in rubber or black silicon models.


The innovative Full Face Mask FFM400/3F is the result of intense research and patient experience acquired in the development and production of military protection equipment. The Ocean REEF Group spent tens of thousands of hours testing the FFM in laboratories and real world situations

The FFM400/3F has been engineered for underwater environments. It has been designed to use one or two regulators and was designed to accept underwater and surface to underwater communication systems. The universal regulator attachment with the DIN fitting allows almost any regulator to be attached to the mask for underwater use. The FFM400/3F has been designed for both commercial and recreational purposes. The Full Face Mask is built with the highest quality materials providing maximum protection against extreme conditions and incidental impact.

Principle technical characteristics
Adaptability -

The patented bellows type skirt is molded from premium grade silicone rubber. The structure has two primary benefits. It allows the mask to "float" comfortably in front of the face. It also allows for an exceptional fit for a large percentage of faces (more than 80% of those tested)

Air circulation and carbon dioxide -
In the FFM400/3F a system for air circulation was designed to avoid any fogging up of the mask while reducing the amount of CO and CO 2 inhaled.

Visual Field and Sheild Durability -
The special shape of the transparent polycarbonate full face shield/mask lens maximizes the visual field. The polycarbonate shield lens allows a remarkable visible light transfer of 92%. Yet still retains the durability to withstand the impact of the 6.35mm steel sphere traveling at a speed of 540 km per hour.

The Head Harness -
The head harness straps are directly attached to the sturdy face shield in a design that allows pressure to be transmitted uniformly along the mask skirt.

The Equalization Mechanism -
Movable and adjustable ergonomic silicone nodules have been anatomically designed to allow for personalized compensation during immersion. (Ergo-Adjust system)

Regulator attachment -
The special adapter allows for the attachment of many types of regulators to the FFM400/3F.

Included Accessories -
Transparent Over Visor: attached to the mask's outer frame system, the over visor protects the mask from abrasions during storage.
Maintenance tools: specially designed, molded in high tech polymers. The maintenance tools make maintenance of the Full Face Mask FFM400/3F easier.
Carrying bag

Optional Accessories -
Support system for optical lenses
2nd regulator connector

[Interspiro AGA] [DSI EXO26] [OceanReef Neptune II]
[Technisub TEC-1]

Designed to provide the highest level of safety for the safety and technical diving community, the SCUBAPRO Full Face Mask is made from high-tech materials that are extremely durable, yet lightweight.
•Low Volume for easy clearing
•Chemically Resistant Skirt is highly durable and allows for easy decontamination
•Anti-fog Lenses keep your lenses fog free without the use of defog
•Rotating, Quick Release Buckles make donning and removing easy
•Removable Side Plugs accommodate communication systems or other add-ons

[Interspiro AGA] [DSI EXO26] [OceanReef Neptune II]
[Scubapro FFM]

tec1ffm.gif (4295 bytes) TECHNISUB TEC I
Conventional silicone rubber full face mask
•Second-stage orifice allows most scuba regulators to be mounted easily

Ascend to Surface