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See Me Sausage
Becoming separated from the boat is a risk all of us run when diving in open ocean or any large body of water. This is why many divers insist on carrying an inflatable signalling device such as the "See Me" safety tube . When not in use, the "See Me" rolls up to fit easily inside the two-zip diver's pocket, or can be clipped to any harness D-ring.
Lift and Marking BagsLift/MarkingBags
Lift Bags: Dive Rite offers 50- and 100-pound (22 and 45 kg) lift bags (item numbers 2751 and 2752). Each lift bag comes with its own carrying sleeve (see below), which snaps to the two lower D-rings on the back of the Transpac II harness for easy carrying.
Diver Marking Bag: At first glance, Dive Rite's Diver Marking Bag appears to be a bright red version of our 100-pound/45 kg lift bag. There are, however, some important differences.

•Unlike a lift bag, which is designed to help raise items from the bottom, the marking bag fulfills a very different purpose. The marking bag's primary function is to help dive boats identify where it is that ascending divers are decompressing. The guideline divers attach to their marking bag can also help them maintain a constant distance from the surface.
•The neck of the marking bag also contains a cone-shaped baffle that the lift bags do not. This helps prevent the marking bag from collapsing after it "pops" to the surface.
•Includes carry sleeve (see below).

Quick-Access Sleeve
All Dive Rite Lift and Marking Bags come with our "Quick Access" Sleeve for rapid deployment. By using a combination of snaps and quick links, you can easily attach this sleeve to the side or bottom of backplates or Transpac harnesses






                            Flotation Devices             

 BCA - 255E     
 SMB 5'2"           
 50 lb. lift