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[Tan Delta Force Fins] [Extra Force Fins]

Tan DeltaTan Delta Force Fin

By maximizing th "Tangent Delta" - The amount of energy recovered for the energy applied to any material - we've made the ultimate snappy model of Force Fin, and it's the snap of the blade that gives you maximum propulsion efficiency. Beautiful enough to be included in an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, each pair is personally signed by fin designer Bob Evans.
Features: Patented toes free foot pocket that reduces cramping , an upcurved V-shaped blade that channels water for maximum directional control and thrust and comes in special Tan Delta material in several jewle-like translucent colors.


Extra ForceExtra-Force Fins

This is our most powerful scuba diving/free diving fin with a long 21 inch V-shaped, water channeling blade. It is also the first variable-thrust fin that allows you to shift gears while you're underwater and it's adaptable for Force Wings for extra propulsion.

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