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What Sets Us Apart From the "Average" Dive Store

  • Flexibility - You set your own schedule for openwater and advanced openwater courses!

  • Comfort - We teach basic scuba exclusively in drysuits (no extra charge) so our students have an enjoyable and fun experience (wetsuits are available if requested).

  • Communication - We use full underwater communication gear with our technical level, underwater photography, and underwater naturalist courses. (Students have listen only so hassle free classes).

  • Varied and Easy Equipment Purchase Options - We feature a Rental Rewards, a Premiere Purchase Program, and Financing Programs!

  • Great Value for Your Dollar - Great prices and great service!

  • Both Recrecational and Technical Classes - To fit all your diving needs.  We won't push you into classes you should not be in.

  • On the Cutting Edge - Adventures Down Under is on the cutting edge of technology. We carry Dive Tracks, Personal Dive Sonar, air integrated hoseless computers, full face masks, underwater communication equipment, and rebreathers !