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604a.gif (23220 bytes)Diving Concepts UltraFlex Pro Drysuit
The UltraFlex ProTM drysuit is the most advanced trilaminate drysuit design technology available. All UltraFlex Pro drysuits incorporate trilaminate materials that have stretch derived from the unique polyester interior weave. The exterior is covered with either a woven polyester or nylon fabric. This creates a very abrasion resistant and stretchable material that allows for a better fit.

The UltraFlex Pro is a truly unmatched trilaminate drysuit and is available in 10 different color choices. Each UltraFlex Pro is double-stitched, double-glued and heat sealed with adhesive tapes to create incredibly strong bonds that ensure your drysuit seams will be dry for years to come.

Depending on the undersuit insulation worn, the UltraFlex Pro drysuit can be used in a wide variety of diving applications in waters ranging from near freezing to 70F and up. This is a light-weight yet very durable drysuit that dries in a short period of time.



  • Thin stretch trilaminate material that allows you to have unmatched freedom of movement

  • Rugged woven nylon or polyester exterior which makes this a drysuit that will last

  • Little to no change in buoyancy characteristics at depth

  • Excellent fit due to computer aided design (CAD)


  • Suspenders

  • Choice of latex or neoprene neck and wrist seals

  • Heavy-duty trilaminate/neoprene kneepads which provide protection for your drysuit without sacrificing flexibility

  • Mid-weight BDM zipper (8 teeth per inch) with a heavyweight zipper available as an optional upgrade

  • External zipper protector

  • Front entry and back entry zipper options available

  • Comfortable compressed neoprene boots with a vulcanized exterior (10 sizes available)

  • Swivel inflation valve which allows hook up to your first stage from either side

  • Choice of the latest cuff dump design or a variable exhaust valve

  • Choice of name or initials or embroidered on a pocket for custom drysuits

  • Available in 14 stock sizes (8 men's and 6 women's) or custom cut


The favourite of many divers worldwide, this is the ultimate blend of lightweight fabric and rugged construction. The DUI design was selected by the U.S. Special Forces after a swimoff of competitive suits. It is also used by the U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers. The TLS350 incorporates DUI’s patented self-donning design consisting of the following components:

• Diagonal cross-torso zipper: provides increased range of motion in the shoulders
• Suspenders: hold the crotch of the suit in place for improved swimming and climbing. Also allows the suit to be worn down around the waist between dives
• Telescoping torso: Allows for easy donning through the front zipper, plus allows the length of the suit torso to be adjusted with changes in insulation
• Crotch strap to control telescoping torso section
• Zipper guard incorporated into overlay protects the waterproof zipper from abrasion
• Warm Neck collar for use with Warm Neck hood
• Internal waist adjustment cord
• Knee pads
• Ankle straps for securing boots to feet
• Inlet and adjustable exhaust valves
• Latex wrist and neck seals
• Molded sole CF200 Series boots
• Standard colours: Navy Blue body and Royal Blue overlay/Black body and Red overlay. Twelve other colour overlays available

tls350se.jpg (26398 bytes)DUI TLS350SE DRYSUIT

For those divers who thought they could never afford a DUI drysuit, DUI is proud to introduce the TLS350SE. It is a shoulder-entry drysuit made of the same high quality TLS material as our popular TLS350 which has been in the field over fifteen years. It is an entry-level drysuit in a class all it’s own offering the features you expect from DUI:

•TLS350 Material

•Latex Seals
•Attached Dipped Neoprene Boots
•Waist Cord
•TLS Knee Pads
•Unique Design
•Seven Year Warranty
•FREE Actionwear Jumpsuit made of Single Layer Fleece
The most unique feature in the DUI TLS350SE drysuit is the design. It provides the diver with complete and full freedom of movement yet a closer fit. DUI can do this by designing the back longer than the front. This allows a trim fit but there is enough material to give the diver the freedom to move. It is secured at the waist with an elastic cord and cord locks.

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