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2002 VR3The VR3 mixed gas computer is designed for use with open and closed circuit diving. The unit functions as a multi gas, reprogrammable dive computer.
The VR3 comes in 4 versions:

- Nitrox and Air open circuit
- Nitrox and Air open and closed circuit
- Trimix open circuit (includes nitrox and air)
- Trimix open and closed circuit (includes nitrox and air)

- Updated helium algorithm
- Single AA battery - Alkaline, nicad, or lithium
- High resolution dot matrix display with backlight and contrast control
- Small mechanical package
- Dive plan mode (enter gases and depth and time and the unit calculates a list of stops so you can write down a backup schedule instantly)
- Icon driven menu multilayered system
- Multi language
- Variable ceiling indicator (variable or stepped decompression can be conducted)
- Decompression game (to pass the time)
- Improved helium and microbubble algorithm
- Links to most rebreathers for online decompression
- No lock outs
- Altitude displays
- Auto turn on, no wet contacts
- Calendar mode
- PIN number system to allow user reprogramming
- Upgrades available for existing VR3 users