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wt-trim1.jpg (12738 bytes)DUI Weight & Trim System
DUI’s patented weight and trim system provides both the wetsuit and drysuit diver improved comfort and weight management. Conventional belts tend to seek their own position on the diver’s body – they can slip, rotate, and loosen at depth. In addition, many divers experience lower back pain resulting from the belt lying across their lower back. Also, weight changes are not easy with the conventional belt.

The DUI patented approach addresses many of these problems:

  • The harness system holds the belt in place preventing it from sliding off the body. A benefit of this is the waist belt does not have to be worn tightly and does not require re-tightening during the course of a dive. The harness also allows the diver to position the belt where he wants it. Many divers report that wearing the belt lower across the hips and off the lower back eliminates lower back pain and hip bruising.
  • Double pull cord system allows the diver to drop all or half the weight in an emergency.
  • Pull cord lanyard system allows the diver to release the weights and hand them to an individual when exiting the water onto a boat thereby reducing the weight carried out of the water by the diver. The system quickly reassembles.
  • The weight pocket assemblies can be adjusted forward and backward on the waist belt, allowing the diver to adjust trim.

BC Keel WeightHalcyon BCD Keel Weights
The BC Keel can be adjusted along the length of the cylinder to improve diver trim under the water. Improved diver trim reduces drag on the diver in motion, allowing for more efficient movement. Less effort and stress ultimately facilitates better air conservation, reduced CO2 levels, and better safety.

More than half of all diving fatalities occur at the surface. Fortunately many of these potential drownings can be prevented with a reliable heads-up surface position. Proper ballast placement is essential for achieving reliable airway protection. An insufficiently weighted tank will often cause a BC to submerge an unconscious diver. The Halcyon BC Keel promotes heads up surface airway
protection by reversing the buoyancy of some cylinders.
Travel Keel
Includes a special cam buckle and nonslip band to hold the tank firmly and securely.

The BC Keel is also available in a travel version, allowing you to fill the keel with the appropriate amount of lead weight at the dive site.

  • Maximize your safety by diving responsibly. Consult your local professional dive store and training agency for assistance in Self Rescue, Ballast Mediated Airway Protection (BMAP), Self Sufficiency and Responsible Diving Updates before your next

V-WeightHalcyon V Weights
Halcyon and Extreme Exposure are proud to announce the first professionally manufactured V-weight. This unique weighting system has been employed by explorers for years, yet the inconvenient nature of its construction has made it all but unavailable in the dive community. The integrated weight system allows double tank divers to reduce the need for bulky hip weights or cumbersome drop weights. Divers should be only slightly negative with empty tanks so that air depletion does not force them to float to the surface during decompression or safety stops. The V-Weight allows divers to adjust this weight precisely while maintaining only enough removable weight to facilitate a swimming ascent.

  • The 11 pound weight with bolt holes is 17" long and 1 1/2" deep. This unit is designed to fit over the bolts on a set of double tanks and sit between the tanks and the backplate.
  • The 8 pound weight is also 11" long, and is nearly identical to the 11 pound weight but with a slightly thinner design


Comfortable to wear and easy to pack, the Ergonomic ShotBelt molds to hip contours, evenly distributing weight, even when filled to its 35 pound capacity. Adjustable at front and back for a customized fit.


oceanicwtblt2.jpg (3602 bytes)OCEANIC COMFORTBELT
A plush alternative to traditional weight belts, the neoprene ComfortBelt has built in pockets designed to hold bullet, block or hip weights all secured by a Velcro fastener - so adjusting to different conditions is easy. Great for traveling, the ComfortBelt lets you adjust weight on-the-fly by adding or removing weights from the pockets.